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How many photos will we receive in our gallery?

I don’t like to put a limit on how many photos I deliver, because everything really depends on the flow of the day. In the past I have delivered an average of 50-75 edited photos per hour and I find this to be my typical gallery size. Don’t worry, I want you to have as many quality options as possible! Check out my featured galleries page to get a feel for what I usually deliver.

Do you photoshop?

My editing style is focused around color and light. I do not alter body types or edit my clients skewed towards any "beauty" standards. Of course if a crazy pimple pops up the night before, I got you, but in general my photos are lifelike. You’re a radiant human and a few years down the line, you’ll be thankful your photos were captured organically. 

Do you charge for your travel if you're only driving to the session?
All of my wedding and elopement packages include travel and lodging costs within Virginia. Out of state weddings and elopements are priced on a case by case basis. Sessions in and around RVA do not require additional travel expenses. 

Payment details? Deposits? Payment Plans?
I require a retainer at the time of booking. $500 for weddings, $300 for elopements, and $100 for sessions. This retainer will come off of the total price of your package. Remaining session balances are due a week before the session. Remaining wedding balances are split into equal payments leading up to the wedding. Custom payment plans are always an option. Payments are accepted via online invoice. 

How long until we receive our wedding photos?
I like to scan my instant film and deliver them as sneak peeks within a couple days after weddings. The rest of your photos will arrive in under 12 weeks, elopements in under 4. 

What if we want to make prints or photo books?

All of my wedding packages come with a professionally crafted heirloom wedding album. There is also a built-in shop in my galleries where you can order prints, photo albums, and other goodies! Ordering your prints through me not only supports me as a small business (rather than supporting large corporations such as Walmart or CVS), but it also ensures your prints are high quality art made by artists. 


How long will our galleries be available to view?

I plan on keeping the platform I use to send galleries for years to come, and your gallery never expires. If I ever switch my delivering methods and need to remove your gallery, I will give you a heads up before I do so.

Do you deliver unedited photos?
My edits are a huge part of my craft. I encourage my clients to send me inspiration photos before our shoot and tell me what photos from my portfolio speak to them. I keep all of this in mind when editing. That being said, if you are another photographer and would like to play around with the raw files, I'd be happy to send them to you - I get it!

What happens if we have to cancel or reschedule our shoot/wedding? 
My retainers are legally nonrefundable. I will require a different retainer in order to hold your new date. Since my books fill up pretty quickly, my available dates are competitive and I am unable to refund retainers that secured a date. Thank you for understanding! 


What if something happens that prevents you from making it to our wedding/session?

This is actually my worst nightmare and I promise you the only things that would get in the way of me coming to our session would be illness, death, or something completely out of my control. In this extremely unlikely situation, I would refund your deposit immediately. For weddings, I would do my absolute best to find you a replacement. I have a community of photographers who I trust entirely and I know many who would be happy to replace me. For all other sessions, I would be happy to reschedule but would completely understand if you choose not to!

How long have you been a photographer? How much wedding experience do you have?

I have been a photographer practically my whole life - as long as I can remember! When I was around ten years old, I used to play America's Next Top Model with my friends and make them pose for me, lol! In 2013 I shot my first and second wedding - both for family. In 2017 I shot my first ~official~ paid wedding for a couple I had not previously met. This is when my career really started for me!

Do you offer second shooters for weddings?

I’m a big believer in not overwhelming my clients with thousands of photos from every possible angle. My approach to photographing weddings involves trying to immerse myself into your family/friend groups. I really try not to stand out or distract from any moments during your day. For these reasons, I typically work alone. That being said, if you are set on wanting a second shooter, please reach out and we can work something out!

What should we wear for our session?

Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident! The only thing I ask is please no wrinkled clothing. I highly recommend bringing at least two outfits, more are encouraged. I want you to feel like yourself - not a photoshoot version of yourself. If you are struggling with what to wear, reach out and I'd be happy to help.

What if we're awkward and don't like our photos taken?

Me too... seriously. That's why I base my sessions around having a good time! I like to have fun with my clients in a way that feels like the cameras not even there. I have been doing this for a long time and the most frequent compliment I get from my clients is that they love how comfortable I make them and they were surprised at how natural the session felt. I don't force anything, I'm open to ideas and creativity, I go with the flow! Want to try a creative concept? Let's swap inspiration and experiment! Want to document you and yours in a way that feels like I wasn't even there with you? Let me tag along to your favorite date spot. I know how to get the smiles to come naturally.  : )


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