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Beyond the Pose: Transforming Engagement Photos into a Date You'll Love in Richmond, Virginia

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Want engagement photos but don't want them to be a bunch of cheesy poses that don't feel true to you? Let's talk about how to plan an engagement session that celebrates your unique love so you can really see yourselves in your photos.

  1. Think Back on Your Favorite Dates:

Before you embark on your engagement photo date, take a moment to identify the activities that bring you both joy. Whether it's hiking, exploring a local farmers' market, or even binge-watching your favorite TV series, knowing your favorite shared activities is a perfect jumping off point for planning your engagement photo session.

2. Choose a Location that Speaks to You:

Once you've pinpointed your shared interests, select a location that complements those activities. If you love outdoor adventures, consider your favorite parks. Foodies might opt for a charming cafe or the bustling backdrop of a local market. The key is to choose a setting that feels comfortable and resonates with your favorite pastimes.

3. Find a Super Cool Photographer Who You Can Be Yourselves Around ;)

Finding a photographer who has a style you resonate with and a personality you can vibe with is the best way you can set your engagement photos up for success. If you're uncomfortable around the photographer, it will show in the photos. Find somebody you can have fun with so the experience is memorable and the photos will follow.

4. Embrace Imperfection and Have Fun:

The most important element of this date/photo session is to embrace imperfection and have fun. Forget about picture-perfect poses and focus on enjoying the moments you share. Genuine laughter, shared smiles, and the joy of being together will result in photos that authentically reflect your love story.

I hope these photos show you how much fun you can have while taking your engagement photos when you personalize it to who you are as a couple. These photos of Darius and Ashley were taken at The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) and Scuffletown Park in Richmond, Virginia. Shot on digital, 35mm film, & polaroid.

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About the photographer: Jesslyn McCartney is a wedding & motherhood photographer based in Richmond, Virginia. She takes a natural approach to documentation capturing the beauty in little moments. With a focus on polaroids and film photography, Jesslyn's photographs are nostalgic, timeless, and emotion-centered.


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