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Rainy Maternity Photos in Richmond, Virginia at Belle Isle & Maymont

Maternity Photographers Richmond Virginia | Film Photography

Shelby found me on pinterest while she was searching for natural maternity photography. She wanted raw, ethereal, earthy maternity photos that were not at all cheesy. Ever since I read her initial inquiry I was SO excited to create with her and help her document her pregnancy. She traveled all the way from Asheville to shoot with me in Richmond!!!!

As the day of our shoot arrived, so did lots of rain. Instead of letting it dampen our spirits, Shelby, accompanied by her partner and son, saw it as an opportunity for spontaneity and fun.

Armed with umbrellas, we explored Maymont turning what could have been a setback into a playful adventure. After Maymont, Shelby and I went to Belle Isle to take more photos without the boys.

Despite the weather's unpredictability, Shelby's willingness to go with the flow made for a truly memorable experience that couldn't be replicated or planned. Together, we created photographs that reflected the authenticity of her journey through motherhood, rain and all.

Photographed on digital, polaroid, and 35mm film photography hybrid.

If you're looking for a maternity photographer that embraces the beauty of the unexpected, I'd love to help you document your story. <3 :) Reach out through my contact form to book a session.

Film Photographers Richmond Virginia

About the photographer: Jesslyn McCartney is a wedding & motherhood photographer based in Richmond, Virginia. She takes a natural approach to documentation capturing the beauty in little moments. With a focus on polaroids and film photography, Jesslyn's photographs are nostalgic, timeless, and emotion-centered.


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