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Maternity Photography at Virginia Beach Oceanfront

“I have never felt so good about myself in photos before.

You captured everything so perfectly and I feel like they truly show US.”

Photographing people throughout their many season of life is the biggest blessing for me as an artist (and a human). I can’t describe the gratitude I feel from those who invite me in to document their stories again and again. This is truly the most rewarding part of my job. I love witnessing the ebbs and flows & romanticizing it all with you 🦋 cheers to my sweet beautiful mama Amber & her lovely handsome husband Chase!!! Photographed on a mix of portra 400 35mm film & digital photography.

If you're looking for a maternity photographer who to document this season of your life, reach out through my contact form. I'd love to photograph you! <3

About the photographer: Jesslyn McCartney is a wedding & motherhood photographer based in Richmond, Virginia. She takes a natural approach to documentation capturing the beauty in little moments. With a focus on polaroids and film photography, Jesslyn's photographs are nostalgic, timeless, and emotion-centered.


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