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RVA Elopement at the VMFA | Richmond, Virginia Film Photographer

Kate reached out to me days after Bogdan proposed to her. Their spontaneous energy translated into a last minute Richmond elopement comprising of handmade wire wedding bands, the bench where they ended their first date, and a ladybug on Kate's shoulder as a main character. I love elopements and I love what they mean to my couples. There are so many ways to celebrate nuptials without a traditional wedding. I had so much fun taking photos and playing around (this is the best way to describe Kate & Bogdan's energy) the VMFA at sunset.

Richmond, Virginia Elopement Photographer. RVA Film Photographer.

Since we hadn't previously met, I was nearly brought to happy tears when Kate asked for a photo with me before we parted ways. Working as a freelance wedding/elopement photographer puts me in a very unique position of being a part of one of the most monumental days in my couples lives then maybe never seeing them again.

RVA Elopement Photograp

I hold my photographs close as I hope my couples do. Time is humbling. Photographs have the ability to transport us back to moments and, if they are good, force the emotions to flood back to us. Though I only met Kate & Bogdan on this one day, I feel like we're old friends when I look back on these photos. I always imagine my couples' future kids looking at the photos and I

daydream about how magical that must feel.

Elopement Photographers Richmond Virginia RVA Film Photography

About the photographer: Jesslyn McCartney is a wedding, elopement, & motherhood photographer based in Richmond, Virginia. She takes a natural approach to documentation capturing the beauty in little moments. With a focus on polaroids and film photography, Jesslyn's photographs are nostalgic, timeless, and emotion-centered.

Photographed on digital, 35mm film, and polaroid by Jesslyn McCartney, RVA Elopement Photographer.


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